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Useful tips for lead activity "custom events" to track with a tag manager solution in SalesWings
Useful tips for lead activity "custom events" to track with a tag manager solution in SalesWings

Here some ideas what could be useful lead activity data to have available in SalesWings

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Whether you are using Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, or another solution to track custom events, you may want to send some interesting lead activity and events back to SalesWings which are not tracked by default.

Which lead activity "custom events" should I send to SalesWings?

You should only have data in SalesWings, where the answer to one of these questions is YES:

  • Does the activity help a sales rep understand the lead's needs and wants?

  • Does the lead activity indicate buying readiness or engagement?

  • Does the lead activity help with lead interest based segmentation?

  • Do I want to have reporting of leads, contacts, or accounts, who did this lead activity?

  • Would it be interesting to get an alert when a lead does the activity?

Here some ideas of custom events that you could send to SalesWings using Google Tag Manager or another event tracking solution

  • Video views πŸ“½

If you have Youtube or Vimeo videos which leads can view on your website, it could be interesting to understand which leads watch them. Event tracking solutions can typically send events to SalesWings when a lead watches more than X percent of a video, or finishes watching a video. See our Vimeo and Youtube guide.

  • Leaving your website open in their browser πŸ’€

People keep website open in browser tabs, when they have the intent to review them later. You can track when a lead leaves one of your pages open for longer than 10 minutes, and show the event in Saleswings. See guide here.

  • Scroll depth βš™οΈ

To be used modestly (!), but should you have a very important, very long page, and you'd like to know whether a lead arrives at a specific section, you could send that as well to SalesWings. Think twice, whether it is key, but if you don't have a high number of pages, or landing pages with a lot of content, it could be interesting. See guide here.

  • Clicks which open PDF documents πŸ“”

Potentially you have un-gated content, meaning, leads can click on a button or text which then open a PDF (or else) in your browser. Our standard script does not run on such documents, but you can indeed track whether someone clicks on a link to go see it! See guide here.

  • Clicks on "call us" numbers πŸ“ž

Many websites have clickable phone numbers on the contact page, or footer. You could send an event to SalesWings when someone tries to call you, and give that a score + send an email alert to a rep. See guide here.

  • Clicks going away from your website πŸš€

There are many situations where it could be interesting to know if someone goes away from your website, and where to. On every website there are such exit links including links to LinkedIn or Facebook, links to career portals, links to partner websites, review sites, or else! See guide here.

  • Page / funnel abandonment πŸ’₯

With an event tracking solution you can identify when someone leaves your website on an important page. For example, do they leave your website on the "contact" page? Could be interesting for a sales alert. Or, do they leave a sign-up funnel?

>> Share with us what kind of events you find useful so that we can share it with other customers!


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