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Form tracking, inbound lead tracking, sign-up form tracking
Form tracking, inbound lead tracking, sign-up form tracking
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(A) Qualifying inbound leads instantly with form tracking

When someone fills in a form, our Javascript will start tracking the lead and show you his past visits. Automatically.

You can trigger the website tracking of a lead as soon as they fill in a form on your website such as a newsletter sign-up form, download form, contact form or general sign-up form.
If you receive regular inbound leads, it's a great way to instantly qualify them for your sales, since we analyzed their past website visits at that moment - in real time.

It works with really most popular forms! If you use external pop-up forms, iFrame forms or Javascript forms, please speak to us to discuss:

When your leads fill in a form, we will add their email address to SalesWings, and start tracking and analyzing all future visits.

Implementing Form Tracking

Good news! Our standard tracking which you need to install in order for SalesWings to work in general, will automatically detect forms, and automatically track people who fill in forms!

However, SalesWings form tracking does not work with certain forms, for instance when you embed them with Javascript or an iFrame in website. Use below guides to track form submissions when our standard tracking script doesn't not pick up your forms:

NOTE: SalesWings will link the computer used to fill in a form to the email address filled in the form. Therefore, if you have a field where visitors can invite friends by filling in their email address in a form, it will think that the visitor is the person with their friend's email address. The visitor would fill the email of their friends and SalesWings would link the user's computer to their friend's email address.

You can disable the automatic form tracker, follow this guide.

(B) Implementation Guide for SPECIAL FORMS, or to track individual forms:

Track your forms using Google Tag Manager

To track only individual forms, please disable first the automatic form tracking (view help guide).
Now we will show you how to combine SalesWings & Google Tag Manager (GTM) to enable web form tracking on your website for specific forms, in case certain forms are not automatically tracked with Saleswings.

This is to be used only with email forms such as download forms, contact forms, sign-up forms or subscription forms which are in a pop-up or for some other reasons do not work.

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