SalesWings allows you to record custom events or custom lead activities from external applications or from your own website.

  1. Tracking events from external applications with Zapier

Through our Zapier integration, you can receive, track and score events that your leads perform from any external applications that sends triggers to Zapier. Your sales reps will see these events in your lead cockpit, Salesforce or Pipedrive and you will also be able to segment, score, tag, or trigger alerts based on these events.


  • A lead views a document on a document tracking system like Docsend, or another one.

  • A lead submits a specific web form, with a specific form value

  • A lead leaves his email on a website chat tool and engages on a website chat such as Intercom, Olark, LiveChat or any other application

  • A lead submits a support ticket on Zendesk, Freshdesk, or Kayako

  • A lead is ubdated in your CRM with a specific value

2. Tracking custom events from your tag management system

If you are using an external tag management system such as Google Tag Manager or another one, which allows you to send external triggers, you can receive, track and score events that your leads perform.


The possibilities are unlimited. Contact our support to get help in setting these up.

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