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My Google Tag Manager custom event tag is not working
My Google Tag Manager custom event tag is not working

Here are a few steps to identify potential reasons why your SalesWings Google Tag Manager is not working in SalesWings

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Google Tag Manager is a mighty solution. SalesWings allows you to send lead activity to your lead cockpit, based on triggers that you set up within Google Tag Manager.

If your Google Tag Manager activity is not showing up, please check these steps to identify the potential issue before contacting support.

Google Tag Manager Checklist:

  • When triggers and tags in Google Tag Manager are tested in "preview mode", they do not show up in SalesWings. Your can use "preview mode" to see whether your trigger is firing the right tag correctly, but to see activity in SalesWings you will need to first publish it.

  • Does the text that you want to show in SalesWings in your Google Tag Manager Custom HTML contain special characters? Special characters such as % ç " £ or else will break your SalesWings custom HTML event. You must only use text, or numbers.

  • Is your trigger and tag firing correctly? Before "publishing" a SalesWings tag, make sure to check in "preview" mode whether your tags and triggers are showing up on a page, and perform the lead activity that you aim to track and record. Then verify that Google Tag Manager is correctly firing it. If not, try to identify if the trigger is set correctly.

First, go to preview mode. Click Refresh, and then open your website in your browser.

Second, perform the lead activity, and check if the trigger is firing.

  • If things are still not working, Youtube will provide a lot of resources in case we are not in the office; have a look here.

  • Write to us, before you get desperate, we're here to help! :-)

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