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How to create LiveChat custom events in SalesWings with Zapier
How to create LiveChat custom events in SalesWings with Zapier

This article explains how you can create SalesWings custom events from LiveChat activities using Zapier.

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In this guide, we will show you how to track LiveChat events in SalesWings using Zapier.

First, make sure to create a SalesWings API token as explained here.

Secondly, make sure Zapier and SalesWings are connected. Here's how to do so.

Once connected, go to Zapier and click on "Create Zap".

Here is the zap you want to create:

  1. Build the trigger

Look for the LiveChat app and select the trigger event you want to track. In this case, we want to create an event when a new chat is initiated

Next, you need to select the LiveChat account you want to connect. You can click on "Manage connected accounts" if you need to add a new account.

You can now test this trigger and move on to the next action.

2. Build a Custom Request action

Choose the app "Custom Request in Webhooks by Zapier" and select POST for the action event.

Set up the below action:

  • Data Pass-Through: False

  • Data:

    "leadRefs": [
    "value": "Visitor email",
    "type": "email"
    "kind": "Started",
    "data": "LiveChat",
    "type": "tracking"
  • Note: you can customize "kind" and "data"

  • Unflatten: No

  • Headers:
    - Content-Type: application/json
    - Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_TOKEN

    (e.g., if the token is "1234abcd", the value of the Authorization header would be "Bearer 1234abcd"; the token is the one generated in the SalesWings API section of the settings page).

It should look like the below:

Test your zap, now you can save it.

In your SalesWings cockpit, the names you set up for "KIND" and "DATA" will show as a custom event under the lead Intent history.

We recommend you set up a tag and/or a score for such action. Here's how to do it:

The tag will then show for all prospects who meet this condition:

You can also consider giving point for this activity. This can be done by setting up below rule in your SalesWings settings:

Congratulations, you are now done!
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