How to track clicks going away from your website in GTM ?

You can track if someone is clicking away form your website.

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There are many situations where it could be interesting to know if someone goes away from your website, and where to. On every website there are such exit links including links to LinkedIn or Facebook, links to career portals, links to partner websites, review sites, or else!

How to track clicks going away from your website ?

  1. Create a Click- Just Links trigger

  • In GTM, go to Triggers > New

  • Click Trigger Configuration

  • Choose Just Links Clicks.

  • Select Some Link Clicks

  • And enter the following condition: Click Element contains yourURL (in this example we decide to track click going to our Capterra reviews).

2. Create a SalesWings Custom Event tag.

If you don't already see "SalesWings Custom Event" in your tag type gallery. Simply look for it by clicking on "Discover more tags types in the Community Template Gallery".

3. You are now ready to set up the tag as below:

4. Save, test and publish the container

5. You can now set up tags in your SalesWings cockpit to tag and score prospects who fired that tag. πŸ‘Œ

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