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Tips & Best Practices to identify more leads on your website
Tips & Best Practices to identify more leads on your website

Learn how to maximize the identification of leads, contacts and accounts on your website.

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Identifying leads from email clicks, form submissions, or other identify events, is key to gain access to our insights.

In this support article, we'll outline some effective strategies to increase the number of identified leads, contacts and accounts on your website.

Tips to increase tracking coverage πŸ’‘

(1) Leverage the SalesWings Outlook and Gmail plugins to allow sales people to track more leads and contacts πŸš€

Provide access to your sales reps to our real-time lead cockpit!

By doing so, your sales reps can actively supports the identification of your website visitors.

Once they gain access, they can leverage the "SalesWings for Gmail" and "SalesWings for Outlook" plugins, which will automatically track their prospects on your website from individual email link clicks.

Our plugin adds every contact you send an email to to SalesWings, and automatically adds tracking to all web links inside your email to your website for our website tracking.

To leverage this great tool, your teammates must:

  • Have access to the SalesWings cockpit in order to get SalesWings login credentials

  • Download the latest version of our plugin

  • Connect to the plugin via Gmail/Outlook, using their SalesWings credentials

The key here is to add links to as many emails to your tracked domain as possible. When a prospect clicks on your link, they will be identified in the cockpit. We will be able to then reveal all the past activities we have tracked for this prospect thus far, and keep tracking them from now on.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Add a link to your tracked domain in your email signature, and in your autoresponder email. This way, you will keep tracking leads...even when you are on out of the office!

(2) Enhance your Cookie Consent setup πŸͺ

We know that getting visitors to accept cookies can be a challenge.

It's however a fundamental requirement for the SalesWings' tracking to run effectively.

So, what can you do to maximize cookie acceptance rates on your website?

1- Educate Your Visitors πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“

  1. Transparency: Transparently listing the technologies you are using on your website which process first party data, and what the various cookies mean, is a legal requirement in many countries. Essential is

    1. It has to be simple language

    2. Describe what it does and why, and why it's good for them

    Clearly communicate the purpose of cookies and how they benefit the visitor experience on your website. Assure them that their data is handled securely and in compliance with regulations.

  2. Informational Pop-ups: Implement informational pop-ups or banners that explain the use of cookies and give visitors the option to learn more or manage their preferences.

2 - Enhance User Experience 😎

Description of cookie consent tool

Highlight the benefits of accepting cookies, such as personalized recommendations, saved preferences, and a smoother browsing experience. Consider these two examples:

"We use tracking technologies to see what you're doing on our website."


"We use solutions that allow us to serve you with information that is truly useful as you are evaluating our product / services, based on what you're looking for."

Optimize the Cookie Banner Design πŸ’‘

Ensure that your cookie consent banner or pop-up is unobtrusive but noticeable, allowing visitors to make an informed decision without disrupting their browsing flow.

Placement of Cookie Banner:

Research indicates that placing a cookie consent notification at the bottom of the screen increases the likelihood of engagement as it is more likely to cover the content of the website and therefore encourages the visitor to take action whereas a cookie banner placed in the top were easier to ignore.

Design of Cookie Banner:

Accepting Cookies-Button Color

  • Making the button "Accept All" cookies red, is a bad idea - obviously

  • Making both the button "Accept All" and "Decline All" both green, as well.

  • Use colors such as blue (which is known to instill trust) or green for "Accept All". We can also recommend to show the "Accept" option in a solid color button, and not the other ones.

  • Finally, make it "easier" to click accept all by making this option bigger and more prominent. Our experience is that most website visitors don't mind and understand the benefits of cookies - they just want to start surfing on your website.

3 - Provide Control and Transparency:

  1. Granular Consent Options: Allow visitors to choose which types of cookies they want to accept, giving them more control over their data.

  2. Preference Management: Provide easy-to-use tools for visitors to manage their cookie preferences, including the ability to change them at any time.

Good examples of cookie consent banners πŸ”₯

Cookie consent banners highlighting "Allow All", making it natural and easy to accept ⬇️


Cookie consent banner allowing to accept prominently, with discrete option to edit ⬇️


Cookie consent banner highlighting "Allow All Cookies" with a large button ⬇️


Cookie consent banner explaining concrete benefits of accepting cookies ⬇️


Informational cookie consent banner with prominent, green button to accept ⬇️

Ensure all of your forms are being tracked

This one is essential.

One of the main ways for SalesWings to identify prospects on your website is to capture data from form submission events. During your onboarding, our friendly CS team will ensure that all your forms are being tracked as expected.

However, we know that over time, it is possible that you change the way your website's forms are built, or decide to use another technology to host your forms. Therefore, you are always welcome to reach out to our team to ensure that our script is still capturing data from these form submissions.

Read more about our form tracking here.

Track prospects engaging with your marketing emails

You can identify your leads/subscribers on your website, by adding the SalesWings tracking ID to links in your email platforms, such as Marketing Cloud emails, Braze emails, or else.

When leads click on such links in emails, and they arrive on your website or landing page, SalesWings will "resolved their identity". This means, that you will be able to see their past, current and future website activity and click activity, for your various sales and marketing purposes.

We recommend adding multiple links to each emails, as research has shown a positive correlation between number of links, and likeliness of subscribers to click!

  • Use SalesWings data, tags and scores to do more targeted segmentation which increase click-through rates

  • Ensure SalesWings tracking parameters are attached to all your emails

  • Add multiple links in emails, which correlates positively with click-through rates

  • Send auto-responders from sign-ups and ask people to click

  • When sending content after a download, send them to a tracked page where the PDF is embedded, vs a link to a PDF (which is non-trackable)

Need help to identify more leads on your website? We are only a call away! πŸ™‚

As always, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support if you want help identifying more prospects on your website or have questions!

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