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What does the "SalesWings for Gmail" plugin do for me?

(For first steps scroll down please. The SalesWings for Outlook plugin can be found here)

The "SalesWings for Gmail" plugin will automate SalesWings tracking.

Our plugin adds every contact you send an email to to SalesWings, and automatically adds tracking to all web links inside your email to your website for our website tracking. (Download the plugin it here)


In Detail

(1) Every person you send an Email to with Gmail, will automatically show up in your SalesWings Cockpit.


(2) The plugin will modify every link in your emails to your website intoSalesWings tracking links. That includes links in your signature, or behind text and images.


(3) As soon as a contact clicks on one of the SalesWings tracking links, we will show you his past and future website visits on the SalesWings Cockpit, and send you a notification when he shows high interest. (he has to click only once)


First Steps

1) Install the "SalesWings for Gmail" plugin from the Chrome store


2) Log into the plugin with your SalesWings user email and password


3) Switch on the tracking link


4) Tips for maximizing the tracking

Remember that in order to be tracked, a contact needs to click on a link to your website, make sure to give him a good reason to check out your website:

  • Include links to your services / product pages

  • Include a "PS:" line with a link to your blog

  • Include a "News" line with some news

  • Include an image with a URL in your signature

  • ....


Important Points

  • The SalesWings for Gmail plugin works with multiple Email accounts inside Gmail.

Suggested further reading:

>> For free support simply write to


Have a successful day!

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