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What about GDPR and data privacy?
What about GDPR and data privacy?

This article provides guidelines around data tracking laws and GDPR

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As per law, these guidelines and information is kept simple to make them intelligible. If you require more information, don't hesitate to contact us at

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a comprehensive set of data privacy regulations that has come to effect on 25th of May 2018, which requires websites to obtain so called "informed consent" from website visitors, users and clients about data you are collecting. A lot of its regulations have already been effective with the prior Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. It concerns any business doing business with European individuals or businesses. Here's the official website of the European Union:

SalesWings & GDPR

Our obligations are linked to how we treat and process your data and the one of your customers.

Your obligation is to get consent from your leads and tracked contacts, to work with this data, just like you have obligation to use cookies on your website for anonymous tracking through Google Analytics, Youtube embedded videos collecting anonymous data, facebook like buttons, or any other solution gathering data.

SalesWings has undergone a review of our internal processes and the way we treat and store data, and has implemented measures to becoming fully GDPR compliant.

We have worked with a specialist who has reviewed expert studies on GDPR and spoken to other lawyers throughout Europe. GDPR is very complex, and even experts are currently still disagreeing how it should be ultimately interpreted, or, how technologically it should be implemented. For instance, it is not clear if a website visitor's cookie settings and blockers are to be considered "explicit" consent or disapproval of a website's cookies settings.

Here are some key points in bullets:

  • Data Processing Agreement (DPA): When creating a SalesWings account, SD Technologies SA (legal entity of SalesWings) and you enter into a DPA. This means, you give us the right to store and process your lead's and contact's data. This includes the tracking and storage of data, analytics of website visit behavior, as well as the syncronization of data to third party apps which you use in combination with SalesWings such as Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, Zapier and its connected apps and more. View more details in our Terms and Conditions.

  • Security and data storage (SalesWings): SalesWings stores all client data fully encrypted on privacy shield certified servers in Dublin, Ireland, in the European Union. Read our full security claim here.

  • Security and data storage (Third Party Apps): SalesWings is not responsible for the security, data storage location or data processing of third party apps where you decide to send or sync the data to (for instance Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier etc.).

  • Cookies: Cookies are both an accurate way to store data around a website visitor's preferences and behavior, while staying compliant with data laws and putting the website visitor in control of his data. Our SalesWings tracking technology uses standard cookies which may be blocked and opted out when websites use a cookie notice tool. The cookies are valid for 12 months and expire as per law thereafter. In a first step, before a lead is identified on your website, we collect their browsing behavior anonymously. Once they are identified, typically through an email click, or a form submission, we are tracking PII (person identifiable information), meaning, we tie the anonymous data to an actual person. Your duty is to get consent from your website visitors and inform them what data you collect anonymously, PII, and how you treat it (in a simple way). The best moment to collect consent from your leads is through a cookie declaration tool, as well as a consent check-box when they sign-up for your newsletters or contact you. 2 tools we recommend to handle tracking javascripts and consent can be found here:

  • Data retention: SalesWings doesn't store, or process, any data from our clients or our clients contacts other than to fulfil deliver our service correctly. In fact, owners of inactive accounts are contacted timely in order for us to clear our database with data which we do not need.

  • Data traceability and Right to Forget: Saleswings has a track record where, when, and how it collects its data and can show it upon request to you or your clients, as well as delete it within reasonable time and confirm the deletion to the client. Please direct any request to view or delete data here:

  • Data ownership and requests: SalesWings respects that the data is the property of the tracked person. Upon request we can find, provide or delete the full set of collected data including collection history. Please direct any request to view or delete data here:

Guidelines for Saleswings clients


While SD Technologies SA can provide guidelines in how to comply with common, international laws on the collection and processing of personally identifiable information (PII), each individual country may have its own specific laws. Clients and users of SalesWings are responsible on their own to become familiar with and comply with local laws as required by the country they live in and the countries where the website visitors are from.

Unless indicated otherwise, all capitalized terms shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Services. SalesWings uses so-called cookies and potentially other tracking techniques such as active fingerprinting which is also commonly called as browser fingerprinting in order to perform the Services under the Agreement.

By using such web-tracking technologies, SalesWings will collect and process certain personal data of the users (visitors) visiting the websites running SalesWings (such persons, the “Users” and respectively, the “Websites”). These guidelines aim at giving general recommendations to the Customer to obtain an informed consent of the Users on how their personal data will be collected and used by SalesWings.

The Customer shall implement the following measures:

  • Make sure to become familiar with our Acceptable Use Policy as well as our Terms of Services

  • Block sending personally identifiable information to Google - follow this guide

  • The Customer shall create a prior opt-in consent mechanism which requires an affirmative action from the users to indicate consent when they access for the first time the Website and before they continue to visit the Website. The Users must notably be informed of the fact that cookies and other web-tracking technologies will be used, how such technologies will be used and for what purposes. Preferably, such information should be added in a banner that will pop up when the Users access for the first time on the Website. We recommend or 

  • The consent of the User must be asked again 12 months at least after the last time he visited the Website.

  • The Customer must inform SalesWings of any request regarding SalesWings' web-tracking technology addressed by a User.

  • The Customer must also include in its privacy policy a clause relating to SalesWings. Such clause could read as follows:

"SalesWings' cookies

We use SalesWings to analyse the use of our website(s) and to understand the urgency and nature of the need of our website visitors. SalesWings generates information about the use of our website(s) by means of cookies and other web-tracking technology. The information generated by SalesWings relating to our website(s) is used to identify our customers' visits and to determine their interests mainly for sales and marketing purposes. To determine those interests, SalesWings will track the visitors' behaviour on our website(s), and provide us with publicly available information about you such as social media profiles and information. Such information will not be shared with third parties, but may be stored on servers of other applications we use to serve you such as CRM systems like Salesforce, Pipedrive, Email tools you connect to, Slack, Fullcontact and others."

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