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Tracking Marketing Cloud subscribers via email clicks
Tracking Marketing Cloud subscribers via email clicks

This guide explains how to track and identify subscribers (leads) who click on a Marketing Cloud email

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Background information

You can identify your leads/subscribers on your website, by adding the SalesWings tracking ID to links in your Marketing Cloud emails.

When leads click on such links in your Marketing Cloud-sent emails, and they arrive on your website or landing page, SalesWings will "resolved their identity". This means, that you will be able to see their past, current and future website activity and click activity, for your various sales and marketing purposes.

We recommend adding multiple links to each emails, as research has shown a positive correlation between number of links, and likeliness of subscribers to click!

Important to know:

  • SalesWings currently does NOT track, or score, Marketing Cloud "email open" activity. "Email open" activity is inaccurate data, because email clients, and spam filters, will often open emails by default to identify malicious code. Some subscribers will also open emails without wanting (skipping through mails), and then deleted them. Thus Email open is unreliable, and a weak buying signal, and must by all means not taking into account for scoring.

  • SalesWings tracks clicks of leads in Marketing Cloud ONLY if the URL which is clicked goes to a website URL or landing page, where the SalesWings tracking script is correctly installed

How to make links trackable

Each link which you would like to use to track leads/subscribers, must be amended with the SalesWings query parameter, follower by the subscriber ID.

>>> ATTENTION: We need the subscriber ID, and NOT the subscriber key.

Option 1: Hard code the SalesWings tracking snippet within Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud allows you to hard code query parameters which should be automatically added to all URLs in campaigns. Please follow below guide, or contact your Marketing Cloud service provider for more details.

In Marketing Cloud Setup, navigate to Data Management, and click Parameter Management.

  1. Expand a string to view the parameters it consists of.

  2. To make a string available and editable, click Activate.

  3. Click Edit next to the string you want to add or edit the parameters for.

  4. Type one or more parameters or parameter values. If applicable, select a parameter value from a dropdown.

  5. Save the parameter.

Alternatively, you can also create the tracking links via the SalesWings user interface:

  1. Copy the link that you wish to place in your Marketing Cloud email (add your own UTM parameters before, if applicable)

  2. Click on the "Mass email tracking button"


4. Insert the URL at the top where it says "Customise links"

5. Scroll down and copy the SalesWings Marketing Cloud link

6. Insert the links in your Marketing Cloud email or email template

7. Track and identify your leads and become a super-power marketeer!

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