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3) Installing SalesWings plug-in
SalesWings for Outlook Plugin (Windows Desktop)
SalesWings for Outlook Plugin (Windows Desktop)

Here you can download the outlook windows desktop plugin.

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Important note:

This is the guide for the Outlook Desktop version of Windows. . If you are using Outlook Mac, Outlook365, or Mobile, go here instead.

The SalesWings for Outlook plugin truly automates the lead tracking for you.


> The SalesWings for Gmail plugin can be found here



(1) Windows 10 will show an information message, because we are not using the official Windows certificate. The plugin is safe and sound and installed at hundreds of customers, so you can skip the message without problem.

> Skip this message and "Run anyway"


(2) Make sure to log in with your email and password upon installation



(3) When opening a new email, you will see a "Send with SalesWings" button above the standard button. There you should check the check-box "Always send with SalesWings" to ensure that all emails are tracked


(4) Website tracking works as soon as a recipient clicks on a link inside your email, so make sure to put various links to your website in the text and signature.


What does the Outlook plugin do?

(1) Every person you send an Email to, will automatically show up in your SalesWings Cockpit.


(2) The plugin will modify every link in your emails to your website intoSalesWings tracking links. That includes links in your signature, or behind text and images.


(3) As soon as a contact clicks on one of the SalesWings tracking links, we will show you his past and future website visits on the SalesWings Cockpit, and send you a notification when he shows high interest. (he has to click only once)


The Plugin and Tracking is fully automated



Important Points

  • Make sure to add several links to your website in your signature and ideally the text of your email, to increase the chance for the tracking


  • SalesWings and its plugin are not simply an Email Analytics tool. It goes beyond. Its tracking provides Lead Scoring, Website Tracking and Predictive Sales Analytics, leading to automated notifications when your prospect is approaching a buying decision.


  • The SalesWings for Outlook plugin works with multiple Email accounts inside Outlook.

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