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How to test if tracking is working
How to test if tracking is working

To be sure it's working you need to test whether the leads are identified on your website by tracking yourself on your own browser

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Step 1 - Test if leads are tracked

1) Clear all the SalesWings related cookies in your browser

  • Go to list of cookies

  • Search for "saleswings" > clear cookies

  • Search for your website domain > clear website cookies of all your websites and landing pages

NOTE: This will log you out of SalesWings too (!)

2) Open website (accept cookies) you want to test and add ? at the end of the link and reload the web page

3) Log into Saleswings again

4) Lead should show up in cockpit within a few seconds

5) Continue to visit further pages and check that all activity is logged in SalesWings after reloading

Step 2 - If this doesn't work, test if script is present, or present but not firing

1) Follow below steps

2) If you cannot see any activity under "Network", either your script is not installed, installed incorrectly, or blocked by another script or your cookie management tool

Step 3 - If this doesn't work, contact

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