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How to track in GTM how far a user scrolled through a webpage ?
How to track in GTM how far a user scrolled through a webpage ?

You can track how far a user scrolled through a webpage in order to understand how much they are interested.

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To be used modestly (!), but should you have a very important, very long page, and you'd like to know whether a lead arrives at a specific section, you could send that as well to SalesWings. Think twice, whether it is key, but if you don't have a high number of pages, or landing pages with a lot of content, it could be interesting.

How to track scroll depth ?

  1. Create one Scroll Depth trigger

  • In GTM, go to Triggers > New

  • Click Trigger Configuration

  • Choose Scroll Depth.

  • Select Vertical Scroll Depths. Select 80% (put the value that fits the best for your ICP)

  • Select This Trigger Fires On Some Pages.

  • And enter the following condition: Page URL contains url-of-your-choice: (put the keyword that fits the best for you).

  • Save

2. Create a SalesWings Custom Event tag.

If you don't already see "SalesWings Custom Event" in your tag type gallery. Simply look for it by clicking on "Discover more tags types in the Community Template Gallery".

3. You are now ready to set up the tag as below:

4. Save, test and publish the container

5. You can now set up tags in your SalesWings cockpit to tag and score prospects who who fired that tag. πŸ‘Œ


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