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Adding your team members to the SalesWings cockpit
Adding your team members to the SalesWings cockpit

Follow these instructions to invite your team members to the SalesWings cockpit

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Your company's directors, sales, marketing, support, HR and other members of your team who are in touch with external contacts - whether its with potential customers, job candidates, partners, press, clients or suppliers - should actively help tracking contacts.

SalesWings will intelligently distribute your Notifications to the relevant person inside your company!

Our multi-user feature has been designed with full automation in mind, ensuring a highly efficient work flow for your team.

Here's how it works:

(1) The assigned team member of a lead, is the one who will receive notifications about the leads activity and interest.

(2) This means: If for example your marketing person meets a lead at an event, and then hands them over to the sales person, SalesWings will automatically reassign the lead as soon as the sales person sends them an email.

(3) SalesWings automatically assigns the team member to a lead, who sent the last email to this lead

(4) Notifications for unassigned leads go to the accounts administrator

>> Start now by inviting your team members!

Here are the steps to follow:

1) log into SalesWings

2) Go to settings

3) Under Team Management, add the user's email address (see below screenshot)

4) Define the user type / access level when inviting new user

5) Click on "Invite User"

🍿Watch this brief video to get the full overview!

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