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I don't see links to Salesforce records in SalesWings
I don't see links to Salesforce records in SalesWings

If you cannot see links from your SalesWings leads to Salesforce records, this guide will help troubleshoot.

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Please go through this check list, to ensure there is no technical problem:

  1. Do you have Salesforce Enterprise or Salesforce Professional with API access? This is a requirement for it to work

  2. Is your account connected to the Salesforce API? Here is a help guide

  3. Is the person who connected to the Salesforce API a Salesforce Administrator? This makes sure we get visibility to all leads and contacts

  4. If you are connected, please note: Salesforce has strict API call limitations. To avoid that we use all your API calls, Saleswings updates leads with Salesforce links each time before they trigger a notification. This means we DON'T do a full sync of past contacts, but will update them step by step.We can manually update links for X amount of records for you. Please write us to if you wish so.

  5. Did you recently connect to the Salesforce API? When a contact visits shortly before you connect to the API triggering a notification, then we will not check the Salesforce link right after you connect, since we don't send another notification and don't check unless there is a notification triggered.


  1. Is there a Salesforce lead or contact with the same email address as the SalesWings lead? SalesWings does not create Salesforce records. We look for a lead or contact with the same email address, and will put a link if we find one.

  2. We only provide links to Salesforce for leads / contacts who have a Salesforce lead / contact owner with a valid SALESWINGS licence. If all Salesforce lead / contact owners have a valid SalesWings licence, please make sure that the email address of the Salesforce user matches the email address of the corresponding Saleswings user.

  3. Is there a duplicate record in Salesforce? If we find duplicates in Salesforce, we will put a link to the Salesforce lead, and if it is 2 duplicate leads, we will take the last modified lead.

If you are ok with all points above but still feel something is missing, please let us know at

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