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Is the Javascript Code installed correctly?
Is the Javascript Code installed correctly?
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To check if the Javascript code is installed correctly, please take the following steps:

1) Form Tracking issues

For the tracking of the "Form submission", please refer to this help guide and contact us at if it doesn't work

2) Are we logging anonymous visitors?

If you log into your Cockpit (, you will find a line "Anonymous website visitors" at the bottom of the contact list. If your code is installed correctly, it should be at least 1 or more. This is the number of website visitors which we log, but who are not tracked.

>> If this is still 0, then do this:

NOTE: Below check does not work when you install the script via a tag manager such as Google Tag Manager

a) Visit your website

b) Do a "right click" with your mouse

c) Click "View page source":

d) Type "ctrl+f"

e) Enter "Saleswings"

If there is no result, then your webmaster has not yet installed the Javascript, or he has not installed it correctly. You can send him instructions from the settings, or find detailed guides here

3) Is the contact tracking working?

If this is ok, then send yourself an email using our plugins for either Gmail or Outlook, and include a link to your website. When you receive the email, click on the link.

If the Javascript is installed correctly, then your contact should show up in the Cockpit in the contact list, and you should be able to see your visit.

>> If this is not working, then do this:

a) The URL to your website in the email should have the following ending:

?id_op= with an ID number in the end

If this is NOT the case, make sure that you are logged into the email plugin before sending the email and that the tracking is on.

4) Are you sure you installed the code on ALL pages?

The Javascript code needs to be installed on ALL pages that you would like to track. Please discuss this with your webmaster.

5) Contact support

If these tests are not working, please contact us, we're happy to help:

Website Chat:

Limited phone support during office hours only:

Europe: +41 44 586 70 48USA: +1 (347) 349 4906

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