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Sync your data to other CRM systems with Zapier
Sync your data to other CRM systems with Zapier

This guide shows you how you can synchronise Saleswings lead scoring and website tracking data to leading CRM systems.

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Why synchronize Saleswings data to CRM?

Lead scoring adds proven value to sales and marketing organizations such as enhancing the response rate to low hanging fruits, increasing deal closing rates and growing pipeline thickness.

Synchronizing lead scoring data and website tracking data to your CRM allows your sales reps gain valuable insights into their best leads, and allows marketers segment their lead base based on lead score, visited web pages, and else.

How to synchronize Saleswings lead scoring data to your CRM

(If you are a Salesforce user, please visit this link to learn how to synchronize data) =

By connecting Saleswings to Zapier, you can create Saleswings contacts inside numerous CRM systems, and add lead scoring and website tracking data to existing contacts in your CRM. (The list of supported CRM's can be found here)

โ€‹(The above example shows you how to sync data to as an example, however, you can sync data to many CRMs including Hubspot CRM, Zoho, Insightly, Prosperworks, Agile CRM, Sugar CRM (SugarCRM),, Nimble, Infusionsoft, Streak, Highrise, Base CRM, Capsule CRM, Kunversion, amoCRM, PipelineDeals, Nutshell CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, vTiger CRM, Contactually CRM, Redtail CRM, Bullhorn CRM, Hatchbuck, Solve CRM, You don't need a CRM, OpenERP, Batchbook, Wealthbox CRM, Pipeliner, Greenrope, Moskit,, Workbooks CRM, Surefire CRM, Netsuite and many more)

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