(The below guidelines form an integral part of our terms of service (the “Terms of Services”).

GDPR is a comprehensive set of data privacy regulations coming to effect on 25th of May 2018, which requires websites to obtain so called "informed consent" from website visitors, users and clients about data you are collecting. A lot of its regulations have already been effective with the prior Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.


While SD Technologies SA can provide guidelines in how to comply with common, international laws on the collection and processing of personally identifiable information (PII), each individual country may have its own specific laws.

Clients and users of SalesWings are responsible on their own to become familiar with and comply with local laws as required by the country they live in and the countries where the website visitors are from.

Unless indicated otherwise, all capitalized terms shall have the meaning defined in the Terms of Services. SalesWings uses so-called cookies and potentially other tracking techniques such as active fingerprinting which is also commonly called as browser fingerprinting in order to perform the Services under the Agreement.

By using such web-tracking technologies, SalesWings will collect and process certain personal data of the users (visitors) visiting the websites running SalesWings (such persons, the “Users” and respectively, the “Websites”). These guidelines aim at giving general recommendations to the Customer to obtain an informed consent of the Users on how their personal data will be collected and used by SalesWings.

The Customer shall implement the following measures:

  • The Customer shall create a prior opt-in consent mechanism which requires an affirmative action from the Users to indicate consent when they access for the first time the Website and before they continue to visit the Website.
  • The Users must notably be informed of the fact that cookies and other web-tracking technologies will be used, how such technologies will be used and for what purposes. Preferably, such information should be added in a banner that will pop up when the Users access for the first time on the Website.
  • The consent of the User must be asked again 12 months at least after the last time he visited the Website.
  • The Customer must inform SalesWings of any request regarding SalesWings' web-tracking technology addressed by a User.
  • The Customer must also include in its privacy policy a clause relating to SalesWings. Such clause could read as follows:

"SalesWings's cookies and web tracking technology

We use SalesWings to analyse the use of our website(s) and to understand the urgency and nature of the need of our website visitors. SalesWings generates information about the use of our website(s) by means of cookies and other web-tracking technology. The information generated by SalesWings relating to our website(s) is used to identify our customers' visits and to determine their interests mainly for sales and marketing purposes. To determine those interests, SalesWings will track the visitors' behaviour on our website(s), and provide us with publicly available information about you such as social media profiles and information. Such information will not be shared with third parties, but may be stored on servers of other applications we use to serve you such as CRM systems, Email, Slack and others."

  • The above-mentioned guidelines are minimum requirements.
  • Any additional requirements provided by law or by the Agreement are reserved.
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