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Well, in order to initiate the tracking of a contact's website activity in SalesWings, you need to first identify him by sending him a so called "tracking link".

Contact's can be tracked:

(1) individually, by sending a tracking link by e-mail to your website in a follow-up email after a meeting. (see this guide to learn how to track individual contacts)

(2) by integrating our tracking with your web forms

(3) in order to initiate the tracking of a maximum number of contacts quickly, we encourage you to include SalesWings tracking links in your Marketing Automation Emails or Newsletters, or sales automation tools:

(Watch after 10 minutes and 05 seconds)

If you'd like to track and identify leads through clicks in your mass emails, all you need to do is to modify the links first within SalesWings.

  1. Create your final link first. Meaning, if you'd like to add specific UTM codes or adding other parameters to your links in newsletters, add them first. Exceptions are UTM codes that are automatically added by your email solutions.

  2. Go to the cockpit, and click on the button "mass email tracking" in the lead cockpit

  3. Paste your link in the "customise link" field

  4. Copy the link of your corresponding tool, and insert it in your newsletter or sales email template.

  5. Don't see your tool in the list? No problem, contact us on the chat or to for help, it works with most tools

Need help with the setup, or have questions?

We will be happy to help you with the setup. Simply contact us on the chat or at

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