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How to manage your Data Retention settings
How to manage your Data Retention settings

This guide describes the steps to follow to manage your SalesWings data retention settings.

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Depending on your applicable data protection laws, you may be required to delete certain data after a given time period.

SalesWings allows you to define for how long your data should be stored, so you can be compliant in regards to the data retention period.

Data retention behavior

You can set any period for the data retention, at any moment in time.

For instance, you can set a data retention period of "1 Year". If you set and activate this setting, all existing data, as well as data that is collected in the future, will automatically be deleted if or once it is 1 year old.

Important to note is:

  • Deleted data is impossible to be recovered (!)

  • You can set or change your data retention period by contacting the SalesWings support

  • The following data is deleted:

    • Page visits

    • Custom events

    • Sent emails logged (from Gmail/Outlook extension)

    • Custom attributes

  • The following data is NOT deleted:

    • Lead itself (names, emails etc)

  • Data is also deleted in your Salesforce CRM

  • Data is NOT deleted in Marketing Cloud (read below)

Subscriber records on a Data Extension in Salesforce Marketing Cloud are retained indefinitely unless a Data Retention Policy is in place in SFMC directly. Follow this guide to manage data retention policies in SFMC.

What about cookies?

Cookies are automatically deleted within the lead's browser after 365 days of inactivity.

Each time a lead is active, because they come back to the website, a new cookie is set with a new lifetime of 365 days.

This is managed within the cookie's settings, and not linked to this functionality.

How to manage SalesWings data retention?

You can view the current setup of your data retention policy if you have access to the SalesWings cockpit with an Admin user access:

  1. Go to settings > Data Retention

  2. Here, you will see what is the current setting for this SalesWings project:

The default value is set to "Unlimited". However, you are welcome to request a change by contacting you Customer Success Manager.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to schedule a call with the SalesWings team! πŸ™‚

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