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How to force a full SalesWings data synchronization ?
How to force a full SalesWings data synchronization ?

Here are the steps to follow if you are being advised by our Success Team to perform a full SalesWings data synchronization.

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1) In Salesforce, go to the tab "SalesWings Setup" or "SW Studio Setup" (V2.119+)

> Classic:

> Lightning:

2) Click on "Turn off"; or "Stop" and then "Turn on" or "Resume Sync"

3) Click on "Queue" or "Run" next to Synchronize all SalesWings data. It might take a while before the full dataset is fetched and the setup page updates the last sync time.

4) Refresh the page and ensure that it says that a full sync has been scheduled. If not, refresh and repeat step 3).

Once the "Full Sync Scheduled" has disappeared it means that the full sync has started. And depending on the data volume, it could take an hour or more for the SalesWings data to appear on your standards objects.

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