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I have a lead that accumulates a lot of website visits
I have a lead that accumulates a lot of website visits

In your cockpit you see a lead, that has an extremely high number of visits

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Website activity tracking is closely dependent on a set of software working together; forms, third party scripts, the website CMS, and more. Furthermore, there are a set of "user based" conditions which can cause leads to merge.

Here are a few things to take into consideration:

Clicking on links that are sent to leads

You and your team members (hereafter: user), must avoid clicking on tracked URL links that have been sent to leads. When you click on a newsletter or an individual email that was sent to a specific person, which contains tracked links, then SalesWings will merge the users activity with the leads activity.

Example what leads to this "wrong" merge:

  • User is identified on his browser as a lead (

  • User clicks on link in email sent to lead A

  • SalesWings wil merge emails of user & lead A

Things to be careful about:

  • Don't track links when sending an individual email to multiple people: when sending an email to many recipients, SalesWings will merge all link clicks around the first recipient in the TO: field. If the various leads are already identified as leads in SalesWings, they will be merged.

  • Test email sends from newsletters: Some tools (i.e. Marketing Cloud) will insert tracking information of random leads (test contacts) in test emails. When you and your colleagues click on those link, you will be merged with these test contacts. Make sure - if possible - to exclude tracking from test emails, or ensure to remove the SalesWings tracking from links before the page is fully loaded.

Leads sharing your emails and links

When leads receive an email with a link, and then share the email with colleagues or on social media, then activity coming from those links will be gathered around this lead in SalesWings.

If people who click on those links had been identified on your website with another email address, they will be merged.

There is no way you can avoid a lead from doing this. Just be careful that you and the team don't copy links from sent emails, and then share those on LinkedIn or publicly.

Leads or users submit emails of other people on tracked forms

For example, if you have a web application where your clients invite other users on web forms, SalesWings will merge these contacts together.

Another example is when your colleagues use forms on your website to register their clients, for example to send them information and register them for a webinar, take a payment over the website, or else.

In this case you can:

  • Remove tracking from the forms / pages where visitors enter other people's email addresses

  • Provide your colleagues with separate forms / pages that are untracked, and educate them to enter the emails there

  • SalesWings can help you modify the script to exclude specific forms (contact

Malicious web forms

If you see leads with a LOT of email addresses attached, likely they come from forms with are poorly coded and create an issue with our cookies.

In this case, please submit a screenshot of the lead, as well as the URL where the forms are located, and we'll look into it.

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