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Point Lead Score Introduction and Use Cases

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SalesWings Scores Introduction

While the fully automated SalesWings Predictive Score 🔥 does not look at the quality of the lead, the SalesWings Point Lead Score allows you to define various scoring models, taking into consideration any data that you have about your leads and contacts.

You can leverage the Point Lead Score and "Scoring" in general to measure a range of things, depending on what insights you're looking for.

Scoring Insights

SalesWings Scoring or Lead Scoring allows you to measure the level of interest or engagement in specific products, services, interests, campaigns and more.

💡Examples include:

  • Identifying sales-readiness of inbound leads and leads you are nurturing

  • Measuring interest levels in specific products, services, interests, campaigns

  • Setting up multiple scores to compare interest levels

  • Identifying and counting activities using Counters

Scoring Use Cases:

SalesWings Scoring or Lead Scoring allow you to optimize your sales and marketing process to enhance sales & marketing alignment, sales efficiency and reporting.

💡Examples are:

  • Marketing use cases

    • Get the timing right to hand-off leads that you are nurturing once they reach a specific score (MQL's)

    • Switch leads with growing scores from Top- to Middle- to Bottom-of-the-funnel nurturing journeys and tracks

    • Identify levels of engagement across your leads, contacts and accounts using Salesforce dashboards and reporting

  • Sales use cases

    • Gain sales efficiency by adding scores to lists and reports, allowing to surface the most sales-ready leads to the top with sorting

    • Disqualify inbound leads who are not sales-ready

    • Prioritizing leads, contacts, opportunities based on leads scores

    • Identify interest levels in products and services for

      • Better sales conversations

      • Identify what contact to share best

    • Identify cross- and upselling opportunities by seeing related interests

Image example above: Showing how Scores may be used to surface the best, most sales-ready leads to the top, using Lead Scoring

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