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SalesWings Tags Introduction and Use Cases

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SalesWings Tags Introduction

Tags are a universal, user-friendly and highly flexible way to gain insights into your leads profile, interests, intent, and behavior.

Tags are available natively in all of your SalesWings connected systems, and help you achieve your goals for a range of powerful sales and marketing use cases.

Read on to learn all about Tags!

Tag Insights

SalesWings Tags provide for a way to "profile" your leads based on all your lead data. Tags may be used in diverse ways.

💡 Examples are:

  • Identify product, service, or topics interests

  • Identify engagement with marketing campaigns, channels and mediums

  • Highlight "buying signals" such as pricing page visits, contact intent, or phone number clicks

  • Track funnel progress (i.e. how far people went in a multi-step sign-up funnel)

  • Uncover "alerting" activity such as funnel drop outs, uncompleted form actions, or visits to pages such as help desk visits

  • Set lead grades

  • Identify personas, such as job seekers or partner leads

Example image above: Showing Tags collected by a lead

  1. Tag indicating interest in the team / jobs

  2. Tag showing engagement with a campaign

  3. Tag showing interest in a product

  4. Tag highlight engagement with specific content

  5. Tag showing a good lead fit

  6. Tag showing buying signal

  7. Tag indicating interest in a topic

Image example above: Showing how the same Tags help sales reps understand the lead in Salesforce Sales Cloud on a lead layout

Tag Use Cases

SalesWings tags may be leveraged to achieve many goals, as they are natively available for use inside SalesWings, Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, Zapier, over API, and wherever you decide to leverage them.

💡Examples are:

  • Marketing use cases

    • Segmentation based on behavior and attribute data in your marketing automation platform

    • Add leads or contacts to a highly targeted advertising audience in your marketing platform

    • Triggering emails or other marketing actions

    • Attribution reporting on emails, channels, campaigns

    • Increase a lead score when a lead collects a tag

  • Sales use cases

    • Hand-over leads, contacts and accounts to your sales team in CRM by building a Salesforce report around tags

    • Providing sales with insights right on the Sales Cloud lead, contact, account or opportunity object

    • Identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities by filtering a list of existing clients by related interests in Salesforce reports

Image example above: Showing how the Tags can be used to report on tags against leads, contacts, accounts, or opportunities

Image example above: Showing how the Tags can be used with Salesforce reports and dashboard to compare channel performance

Getting Support 🙂

As always, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support if you want to show a rule that you have built, or have questions!

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