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Scoring "Easy Mode"

All you need to know about "Easy Mode", the new SalesWings feature to normalize scores for easy interpretation!

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What is "Easy Mode"?

"Easy Mode" is a smart yet simple way to better interpret and use your leads', contacts' and subscribers' score values.

Or in other words, we make it easier to compare 🍏 to 🍏 !

When Easy Mode is activated, your scores will be normalized for better interpretation and usability, and the score's point value will be distributed from 0 to 100. This makes it much easier for you to compare leads or scores, and to align with your sales team on the level of interest or engagement when training them.

So, what happens when you are looking to compare multiple scores to know when/how to interact best with your prospects?

Picture this example:

Your B2C team created a "B2C score" with 15 rules that add up to a maximum of 75 points, while your B2B team has defined a "B2B score" with 10 rules for a maximum of 210 points.

A new inbound lead "Susana Summer" is created as a lead and has the following scores without "Easy Mode":

B2B score = 70

B2C score = 50

Naturally, it seems that there is higher interest B2B, but Susana has collected only 30% of B2B score points, but 67% of all possible B2C score points.

With "Easy Mode", the score values would be as follows:

B2B Score = 30

B2C Score = 67

This means that when a lead has collected the total of all possible points, 100 will be shown. When the lead has collected 30% of all possible points, then 40 will be shown, etc.

Now, you can easily compare 🍏 to 🍏!

When should I use "Easy Mode"?

Having a score's minimum and maximum value distributed from 0 to 100, comes with a range of benefits:

  • Comparing two interests, intent, or preferences is more accurate

  • Sales teams will make better use of scores, if they understand the maximum score value better

  • It will be easier for your team to discuss a "scoring threshold", defining which leads to send over

In general, we recommend "Easy Mode" for:

  • Scores measuring interests in products, services or other interests where you look to compare the relative interest or the scores are shown to sales people

  • Score looking to identify "readiness", as in, did they show sufficient engagement to be handed to sales, handed to support, handed to HR, or receive specific emails or content

In general, we DON'T recommend "Easy Mode" for:

  • Scores "counting" specific engagements; if you set up a score "Counter", which counts for example number of email, channel or video interactions, leave it as is

Important things to keep in mind

  • Impacted teams (sales, marketing, analytics) should be consulted and be informed, prior to activating "Easy Mode" ℹ️ because:

    • Activating/Deactivating an existing score to Easy Mode will change the score value in all connected systems (Marketing Cloud, Salesforce, etc)❗

    • Automated work-flows which look at the score value in those systems may be triggered❗

    • Linked reporting in Salesforce and other systems where you look at score values may be impacted❗

  • Activating/Deactivating an existing score to Easy Mode will automatically adapt the score in your SalesWings rules 💡

    • For example, imagine you have a score X with a maximum value of 200 points, and you have an existing tag rule looking at the score:

      • Without "Easy Mode":

        • Rule: Tag leads, IF score X is MORE THAN 150

      • After activating "Easy Mode", the rule will automatically be set to:

        • Tag leads IF score X is MORE THAN 75 ( = 75% of 200 total points)

  • This may temporarily lead to additional processing and slow down synchronizations ℹ️

How to activate/deactivate "Easy Mode"?

Discuss with your team first whether "Easy Mode" makes sense for your business use case.

To activate "Easy Mode" with score normalization, please go ahead and select the score of your choice in the SalesWings cockpit.

Then, enable the Easy Mode tick box, under settings. You will be prompted with a pop up message to confirm your decision to normalize score.

After that, SalesWings will take care of the rest, and all scores will automatically be updated in SalesWings, and in all connected systems!


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