Our automated "tagging" functionality is a fantastic way in SalesWings to organize your leads for handling.

You can use tags to:

  • Segment and report on your leads inside your CRM

  • Segment leads based on general behavior

  • Identify interest in specific products, services, or sub-categories

  • Identify what topics they read about on you blog or website

  • See what campaigns leads engage in (based on UTM codes or referrer tracking)

  • Highlight buying signals in the cockpit

  • Trigger a work-flow with Zapier when someone is tagged

  • Your creativity is the limit

How to define / setup tags

Before you start, speak to our team and request the template Excel file to create a scoring and tagging model. Simply speaking, you want to first think about the different activities that you want to use for tagging, and then implement.

Since our "rule engine" is also applying tags to all existing contacts, and is therefore sensitive to use, please make sure to:

  • After you save a rule, make sure to reload the page please to ensure it's properly logged (something that soon will be automatic)

  • After you save a rule, it will run on all past engagement, taking between 30 seconds and a minute. During this time, you can setup a new rule, but don't save the new rule yet giving the system time to fully complete the first run

  • Being clear about what rules / tags you need is key. Rules are "sensitive"; when saving, they will run, please avoid to create a rule > save > change > save, etc. It may create duplicate tags or add up points. Set up a rule, verify well that it is correct, then save and move to the next. 

  • Rules add points and tags retrospectively. When deleting a rule, you have the option to remove the tags; but it won't deduct the points

  • For any rules, I suggest to use the "contains" variable. The "is exactly" also too sensitive, meaning, even a simple "/" or missing "www" may keep it from running

  • Salesforce will update the tags and score inside the platform at the next sync; give it 10 to 20 minutes

Here an example rule to tag leads when they are qualified to have interest in a specific product (this is a complex example, it's always good to keep rules simple):

Behavior of Tags:

  • When adding tags through a rule in your settings ("Falcon"), the tags are also applied retroactively for existing leads

  • Tags are shown on the lead level on the cockpit

  • To trigger workflows using Zapier

  • Tags are available in our CRM integrations too

PS: You can add text, and emojis, to tags (copy emojis here and paste them as tags in the Segments)

(Our Favorite Emojis for Tags)

😀 😪 👍 👌 👎 🕶 ⛑
🐼 🦄 💫🍾 🥇 🥈 🥉 🏆
📞 ☎️ 🚀 ⚙️ ✉️
💵 💴 💶 💷 💰❤️ 

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