Saleswings offers 2 types of scoring

  • Predictive lead score: SalesWings has its own, built-in predictive algorithm which analyzes your lead's website behavior in real-time, compares it to the other leads, and will tell you intuitively whether they are hot, warm, or cold. We look at things like time-spent on website, frequency and trends of website engagement, number of pages visited and submitted forms, and more. To learn more, visit this guide here.
  • Point lead score: If you'd like to create your own lead scoring rules, you can also give or deduct points to your leads, based on different rules using our "segments" feature. This is completely separate from the predictive lead score. The idea of point lead scoring is simple: when a lead reaches X points, a sales rep should look at the lead as they are sales-ready. If you are not familiar with point lead scoring, we suggest you work with 100 points. Basically you give points to a lead for doing certain things on your website. Think which actions a lead needs to take before he reaches sales-readiness, for example, visit your "contact page" twice and check out your pricing page once, and then create the rules to give the leads points... have a look at this video!

(here's the cheat sheet to build your own point model)

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