SalesWings allows you to receive Slack Notifications in real-time about leads interest when they visit your website, open your emails, or turn HOT!

Setting up your Slack Notifications

Step 1 - Log in to your SalesWings cockpit

> Go here

Step 2 - Create your free Slack account

Slack is a team communication tool allowing you to setup communication channel per team, topic or project.

>> If you don't have Slack account yet, create it here.

Step 3 - Create a SalesWings Channel* inside Slack

Go to Slack and create a new channel where you'd like to receive your Slack notifications.

  • Click + to create a new channel

  • Select a good name and click "create channel"!

You can then choose the topics of your Slack notifications.

Step 4 - Setup the Slack integration in the Saleswings settings

Go to the Saleswings Settings > Slack section > Connect to your Slack Channel*

  • Click "create a new Slack integration

  • Select your Slack channel where you'd like to get notifications and click "Authorize"

Step 5 - invite your Team to the Slack Channel

You're all set! If you have questions, write us to!

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