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Available Training, Support & Contact Details
Available Training, Support & Contact Details

Available training & support, and how to contact us

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Available Support & TrainingπŸ’‘

As a SalesWings client, you benefit from premium support services and training, which are available on demand, for instance:

  • Training 🀸

    • Release training

      • Learn about new functionality

    • New admin team member

      • We'll train them, any time!

    • Sales training

      • Ensure your sales managers & reps know how SalesWings will benefit them

    • Get a refresh training

      • Setting up scoring

      • Setting up tags

      • General settings

      • Handling the cockpit

      • Gmail/Outlook plugins

    • On-demand

      • Tell us what would be helpful

  • Workshops πŸ‘©β€πŸ«

    • Customer journey tracking & first-party data workshop

      • Identify key touch points with leads and lead data that should be collected by SalesWings

    • Segmentation & tagging

      • Discuss personas, segmentation and SalesWings tagging to uncover opportunities to increase campaign results

    • Scoring workshop

      • Take your existing or new lead scores to the next level, with a workshop that allows you to fine-tune your scoring model or develop new ones

    • Salesforce Sales Cloud

      • Get a full demo of how (other) SalesWings customers leverage our data around leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and reporting inside Sales Cloud to unlock more value

    • Personalization

      • Discover use cases to boost email click-through and open rates, by leveraging SalesWings data for behavioral segmentation, dynamic content in emails, and more

  • Review calls πŸ”¬

    • Schedule a review call to check your existing set ups of scores, tags, reporting, dashboards or workflows, we'd be happy to provide feedback

Contacting your Success Manager 😊

βœ‰οΈ Email us at

πŸ“ž Call our Canadian support team: +1 647 490 5364

πŸ“ž Call our USA support team: +1 216 242 1338

πŸ“ž Call our UK support team: +44 20 3813 9693

πŸ“ž Call our Switzerland support team: +41 61 539 18 91

Sales inquiries πŸ’΅

Get a demo of a new functionality, Toolbox, new integrations, or how you can get more value with additional team members, or get a quote for an expansion or extension of your contract.

Live chat πŸ’¬

If you already have a SalesWings account, you can contact us inside the app through the chat. Or, book a call with us directly by clicking the below button:

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