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Guide: What are Custom Attributes and how to use them in SalesWings ?
Guide: What are Custom Attributes and how to use them in SalesWings ?

In this guide you will understand what are custom attributes and how to use them in SalesWings.

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What are custom attributes (CA) ?

Custom Attributes are a flexible and user-friendly way to collect data about your leads and customers for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Collect data from web forms, via API or other sources and attach it to lead records

  • Diversify the SalesWings data model and use the data for scoring, tagging, segmentation, triggers and more

  • Collect data to forward it to Marketing Cloud data extensions

  • Provide sales reps with additional insights via Lead Intent Summary*

*Custom Attributes are displayed in Lead Intent Summary in the Cockpit, in our "lead link" URL in the Marketing Cloud data extension, and inside Salesforce on the lead and contact layout.

CA can be used in Tags, Scores and Actions creation that allow you combine Leads in different groups and focus on the right set of them.

How to create attributes in SalesWings ?

To start working with Custom Attributes, please do the following steps:

  • Go to SalesWings cockpit

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Attributes

  • Click on Create a new Attribute

  • Change the name of your Attribute, it will help you to identify it easier, for example, during Tags/Scores creation

  • You can write a description of the Attribute and choose a color you desire

  • Choose a type of your Attribute (you can read more about CA types in the chapter “Types of CA”)

  • Put an ID of the Attribute. How to find an ID of CA ? Please consult this documentation

  • You can choose if your attribute will be sent to Marketing Cloud and shown in the Cockpit or no, using checkboxes.

  • Don’t forget to save your Attribute

Types of CA

Custom Attributes can be created of 3 types:

  • Numeric (The value of CA will be the number. This type of CA can be used for identifying, for example, number of employees or age of the customer, etc.)

  • True/False (This type of CA is shown without value, you will see only the name of attribute. True/false CA can be used for checkboxes, for example)

  • Text (The value of CA will be text. This type of CA can be used for identifying, for example, country location, name of the organization, street address, etc.)

How to create Tags, Scores and Actions with CA ?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new Tag, Score or Action

  • Choose Attribute as a Condition

  • In Select attribute drop-down menu you will see the list of all your CA

  • Choose the attribute you need

Depending on the type of CA different options will appear:

  • For Text CA options, it will be contains/equals/does not contain and also it will be a special placeholder where you can put a text

  • For Numeric CA options, it will be exactly/more than/less than and a placeholder for numbers

  • For True/False CA options, it will be true/false/true or unknown/false or unknown/unknown

  • Don’t forget to save your Tag, Score or Action

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