When it comes to monitoring the sync from Salesforce, there are a few options besides looking at the last time a successful sync occurred (visible on the SalesWings Setup page).

The user can enable sync notifications and be informed by email when a successful sync has not occurred in more time than a threshold value which can be defined in SalesWings Options.

Apex Jobs

๐Ÿ’กGood to know: The Salesforce integration doesn't make any inbound Salesforce API calls or is carrying out any mass updates. The integration consists of a single chain of batch jobs that are each responsible for a specific aspect of the integration (fetch scores, fetch prospects, match data, etc.). At any given time, there will be two apex scheduled jobs - one for monitoring the sync health and the second one for the primary sync processing. The primary chain of batches consists of 5 different batch jobs, but only one of these will be active at any given time.

In order for data to be transferred from SalesWings to SalesForce several different Jobs must have run correctly. The most precise information can be obtained by going to Setup -> Apex Jobs and identifying the times when a the SWProspectSyncBatch was successfully executed (this signalizes that the data was fetched successfully from SalesWings server) .

Here is what the Apex job should look like, when the sync is healthy (look out for "Completed status every 5 to 10 minutes"):

Alternatively, a system administrator can run the following query in order to obtain the execution history of SWProspectSyncBatch:

SELECT Id, ApexClass.Name, ExtendedStatus, JobItemsProcessed, NumberOfErrors, TotalJobItems, Status, CreatedDate
FROM AsyncApexJob
WHERE ApexClass.Name = 'SWProspectSyncBatch'

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