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How to enable Salesforce Sync Notifications?

Do you want to get a notification as soon as the sync between Salesforce and SalesWings is broken? Follow these easy steps!

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If you want to be notified of a Sync failure by email, SalesWings for Salesforce offers an easy way to configure such notifications.

Please note that this feature is only available if you downloaded our Salesforce package version 2.117 and above. Download the latest package here

In order to enable sync notifications, the following steps need to be carried out:

1. Configure Notification Settings

2. Schedule Notifications

1) Configure Notification Settings

To configure Notification Settings, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to SetupCustom Settings and click “Manage” next to SalesWings Notification Settings

  • Click “Edit” if an org-default setting exists orNew” if an org-default Notification Setting is not defined yet.

  • Check the Active checkbox

  • Set the Notification Threshold to 6h. Notification threshold is the minimal amount of time the sync needs to be down before the sync notification is sent out.

  • Click “Save

With the notification settings configured as illustrated above, the notification will be sent out to the user running the last successful sync.

If you want the notification to be sent out to other users, you can do that by creating a personalized hierarchy setting record, by following the steps below.

  • Go to Setup Custom Settings and click “Manage” next to SalesWings Notification Settings

  • Click “New” on the related list:

  • Select “User” in the Location field and select the user that needs to receive the notification. Note: Selecting a profile is not supported.

  • Click “Save

  • The newly added user should also be included when the notifications are sent out by the scheduled batch job (setup described in the next section).

2) Schedule Notifications

After the notification settings have been set, the system knows who the notifications need to be sent to and under what conditions. For the notifications to be actually sent out, we need to schedule a batch job.

  • Go to Setup Apex Classes and click “Schedule Apex” in the classes list

  • Enter “SWSyncNotifications” as the Job Name and select “SWSyncNotificationBatch” as the Apex Class. 3. Enter the preferred frequency and start time.

  • Click “Save”, et voila! 🥳

The notifications will be sent out according to the scheduled batch job frequency and start time if the notifications settings threshold has been reached. The threshold can be different for different users receiving the notification.

If you want notifications to potentially be sent out multiple times during the day, you can do that by scheduling multiple Sync Notification batches.

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