If you have certain leads with a very high number of activity, you may run into DML row limitations of our 'saleswings.SWProspectSyncBatch' or our SalesWings batch job. You can simply adjust the match batch size to fine tune SalesWings in your Org.

How to resolve the issue by reducing the "Match Batch Size" configuration:

(1) Go to Salesforce Setup and search for "Custom Code"

(2) Go to "Custom Settings"

(3) Click on "Manage" next to "SalesWings options"

(4) Click "Edit"

(5) Set the empty field "Match Batch Size" to the value 20

(6) Click "Save"

(7) Edit associated user's setting to match the new Batch Size value

(8) Delete the personalized settings to ensure the sync will be using the new Batch Batch Size value

(9) Wait for a couple of hours and check whether the problem persists

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