Saleswings offers a unique dual-scoring system that combines a machine-driven predictive engagement score, with a user-driven point score.

Saleswings Lead Prioritization Methodology

In combination with the segments, real-time lead alerts and lead profile insights, the predictive score and point score will allow for a perfect focus on the right set of leads.

(1) Predictive lead score ("Engagement" score // Flame):

SalesWings has its own, built-in predictive algorithm which analyzes your lead's website behavior in real-time, compares it to the other leads, and will tell you intuitively whether they are hot, warm, or neutral. Leads will then even turn cold and frozen.

This score ensures perfect timing for sales actions and follow-ups.

The effect of this score is that it will create urgency amongst your sales reps to deal with the hottest leads first. It effectively increases lead-response times which has a known impact on deal closing rates.

The algorithm considers time-spent on website, frequency and trends of overall website engagement, number of pages visited and submitted forms, and more. To learn more, visit this guide here.

(2) Point lead score ("Quality" score // Points):

The above predictive score does not distinguish the quality of the lead's activity, which is why you have the ability to decide for which key actions your leads should collect points.

This score ensures that your sales reps will prioritize leads who are showing interest in important elements of your website. Examples of quality interest are visits to a pricing or quote-request page, contact page or top selling products / services, or even form submissions and clicks in specific Adwords or email campaigns. You can add, deduct, or even set the score to a certain level based on actions.

Lead Point Scoring - Cheat Sheet:

Here's the cheat sheet to build your own point model...

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