(This applies only to users of our newsletter integrations, not for users of our Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn or other plugins)

In order to offer our users a maximum of integrations with campaign, newsletter and mass emailing tools, we use the method to simply show a recipient's unique ID in the URL.

If you are a Google Analytics user, you're required to request Google Analytics to filter out this data of your leads to prevent Google Analytics from storing this (so called) Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and thus comply with their Terms of Services.

Please just follow these 2 simple steps for GA3:

(1) Go to Google Analytics "Admin" >> "All Website Data" >> "View Settings"



(2) In the field "Exclude URL Query Parameters", copy-paste the following text:











To exclude query parameters from Google Analytics 4, follow these steps:

  • Open your Google Tag Manager web container

  • Click on Templates, then in the Variable Templates section, click on Search Gallery

  • Search for the Trim Query template and add it to the workspace

  • Click on Variables, create a new variable, and select the Tim Query template

  • Select "{{Page URL]] in the drop-down menu and click on add rows excluding the SalesWings queries

  • Select your GA4 configuration tag, open fields to set, and set up as follow with your new variable before saving

  • Use GTM preview mode to verify query parameters are excluded as desired

  • Open the GA4 fired tag, select display variables as value, and verify the parameter doesn't show in the page location value

  • Publish your new version

That's it, you're all set!

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