If you use iFrames (internal frames) on your website, you will need to create two tags in GTM, one for the outer frame and one for the iFrame, in order to track lead-activity. The tag for the outer frame is created by following the steps in (see the first Chapter, “Using Google Tag Manager (GTM) without iFrames”).

This can be achieved by following the steps listed below:

(1) Install Google Tag Manager on your website. GTM must be installed on both the outer frame and on the iFrame, which are typically different domains. If you don’t know how to do it, you can read the documentation here or check with your website administrator how to get access to GTM.

(2) Open Google Tag Manager

(3) Create a Tag for the iFrame as follows:

- Create a new Tag

- Choose SalesWings as a tag type

- Add your Project ID (see Appendix “Finding the Project ID (pid)”)

- Go to the section Frame Binding:

- Choose Guest as a Mode

- In the field Trusted Domain enter the domain in which the outer frame is hosted

- Go to the section Track Forms

- Choose Blur as the Mode

-Save the Tag

(4) Modify the tag that you already created the outer frame for as follows:

- Go to your SalesWings tag

- Go to Frame Binding

- Choose «Host» as a Mode

- Save the Tag

- Don’t forget to Submit all your changes

Once done, any lead-activity, including form-submissions, from inside an iframe will be tracked.

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