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I see a “not valid reference field name” error when trying to save a rule in SalesWings Toolbox
I see a “not valid reference field name” error when trying to save a rule in SalesWings Toolbox
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This article will help you if you have been trying to save a rule in the SalesWings Toolbox and are seeing the below error message:

The report base object is based on Contact and the ADDRESS2_STATE_CODE doesn’t seem to be correctly tracked.

Why is this happening?

Due to lack of robust report support provided by Salesforce, we need to manually support each column/filter that links a standard field (e.g. Account Name, Account Source etc.). Salesforce uses a field naming convention when working with columns and filters that is different from the syntax used to create SOQL queries (e.g. ACCOUNT_SOURCE instead of Account.AccountSource).

This translation table isn’t disclosed to the developers and it creates a problem when trying to replicate the report’s functionality. This might therefore result in errors while running rules connected to certain reports, even though such reports are based on types we officially support.

What are the workarounds?

Option 1) Report The Unmapped Column to SalesWings

Report the error message returned by the rule while trying to connect it to the offending report. We will have to include the definition for that column and release a new version to have it officially supported.

Option 2) Map The Unmapped Column Yourself (Recommended)

Since SalesWings Toolbox 1.27, we introduced a way to solve the specific org/report problem by means of a custom setting named SalesWings Toolbox Report Column Mapping.

By using this custom setting it’s possible to provide the correct mapping for the unrecognized column.

To fix it, what is necessary to do is to create a custom mapping record with the following values:

  • Name: it can be any name that uniquely identify the mapping

  • Base SObject Type: the base object on which the report is based (e.g. Contact)

  • Column Name: the value as reported in the error message for the rule (e.g. ADDRESS2_STATE_CODE)

  • Field API Syntax: the correct syntax that would be used when referencing the field in a regular SOQL query

Note: finding the correct mapping syntax could require the help of a Salesforce Administrator

Need more help? Don't hesitate to schedule a support call with us!

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