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Can I export my contacts and leads?
Can I export my contacts and leads?

It is possible to export all of the data collected with SalesWings. Follow this guide to discover the best 4 options to do so.

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Yes, you have a few different options to export the contacts or leads tracked by SalesWings.

I- Export the data from Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions

All existing SalesWings data is pushed to data extensions in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Therefore, you can export all Saleswings data by exporting the data extension of your choice.

💡Tip> Export the the data extension "SW_Lead_Activity_COMPANYNAME" if you want to show page-visits/activities

II - Use Salesforce Sales Cloud

SalesWings data is native to Salesforce on lead, contact, account and opportunity objects and fields, as well as in our custom objects.

SalesWings provides out-of-the-box reports that can be found in the Salesforce report folder: "SalesWings Reports"

For example, you could run the report "SW - Leads / Contacts by Tags & Segments", which shows all contacts AND who have been tagged with a specific SalesWings tags.

III - Use SalesWings API

Please contact us if you'd like to use our API that provides access to some of the data inside SalesWings.

IV - Export the data from SalesWings cockpit

It is possible to manually export all your SalesWings data by clicking on the button "Export All" from the Cockpit.

Important steps to follow:

  1. "Admin" user access is required

  2. Click on the "Export Contacts" button from the cockpit

  3. Saleswings will export all data to a CSV file

  4. You will need to import all data into "Excel" or "Numbers", please watch this video to see details.

Excel Tips:

Any questions? Get in touch!

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