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Hiding Tags and Attributes in the lead insights
Hiding Tags and Attributes in the lead insights

Thanks to our latest feature, you are now able to hide specific tags or custom attributes in the leads/contacts insight view.

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In the tag section, you can now select if you'd like to show a tag or a custom attribute in the lead insights view, or not. This will hide it to all users.

1) Why did we release this feature ?

SalesWings helps you collect data for different purposes:

  • Sales Insights

  • Lead Prioritization / Signals

  • Segmentation / Profiling

  • Attribution / Reporting

It can be overwhelming to have a lot of tags or to see tags which are not relevant to your department. We have released this feature so that you can choose to display or not some tags in the lead intent summary.

Whether you choose to hide tags or custom attributes, they will still be sent to SalesForce Marketing Cloud (via data extensions) and SalesForce Sales Cloud (for reporting around tags).

2) How to implement it in your cockpit ?

In order to hide tags in the leads insight view, just uncheck the button "Display in the Lead Intelligence Tile and the Cockpit under Tags".

The same process applies to the custom attributes.

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