Troubleshoot Option 1 - Browser Cache Issue

Potentially, you have recently created this report, and Salesforce isn't showing them yet. To refresh your cache, do as follows:

1) Right click on a place in the browser of the Toolbox tab

2) Click "inspect"

3) RIGHT click on the browser circle-arrow icon to reload the browser

4) Select "Empty cache and hard reload"

Try finding the report again.

Troubleshoot Option 2 - Report type issue

A) Referencing a wrong object

With SalesWings Toolbox you can score and segment the following standard objects*:

  • Leads & contacts

  • Accounts

  • Opportunities

  • Campaigns

If you want to score an object, the report needs to be reporting on this specific object using a standard Salesforce report.

For instance, to score contacts, it has to be a standard Salesforce contact report.

B) Using a "custom object" report which relates to a standard object

The way Toolbox is designed and due to Salesforce limitations, the standard way to use reports for Toolbox requires the report being a standard Salesforce report.

Custom reports will not show up in the list of available reports.

However, Toolbox can use reports from custom objects (tags, or other custom reports) using the "Advanced mode" and SOQL statements.

Please contact support to get help for creating SOQL statements and to use those custom report types.

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