Toolbox doesn't show all of my reports

You want to create a Toolbox rule within a tool set but can't see your reports

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Troubleshoot Option 1 - Browser Cache Issue

Potentially, you have recently created this report, and Salesforce isn't showing them yet. To refresh your cache, do as follows:

1) Right click on a place in the browser of the Toolbox tab

2) Click "inspect"

3) RIGHT click on the browser circle-arrow icon to reload the browser

4) Select "Empty cache and hard reload"

Try finding the report again.

Troubleshoot Option 2 - Report issue

A) Referencing a wrong object (for version prior to Toolbox V3.0)

With SalesWings Toolbox you can score and segment the following standard objects*:

  • Account

  • Campaign

  • Campaign with Leads (v1.21+)

  • Campaigns with Leads and Converted Lead Information (v1.21+)

  • Contact

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

If you want to score an object, the report needs to be reporting on this specific object using a one of the above Salesforce report type.

For instance, to score contacts, it has to be a standard Salesforce contact report.

B) Using a "custom object" report which relates to a standard object (for version prior to Toolbox V3.0)

The way Toolbox is designed and due to Salesforce limitations, the standard way to use reports for Toolbox requires the report being a standard Salesforce report.

Custom reports will not show up in the list of available reports.

However, Toolbox can use reports from custom objects (tags, or other custom reports) using the "Advanced mode" and SOQL statements. The Advanced mode has to be enabled in the SalesWings Toolbox custom settings.

C) Not Including an ID column in the report outline (for version prior to Toolbox V3.0)

In addition the supported objects must run off reports that include an Id column.

D) Not showing "All records" in the report filter

In addition the supported objects must run off reports whose scope is organizational (reports with Show Me set to My Records won’t work).

E) TextArea Fields

While Salesforce allows to create reports with filters that make use of text area fields - though limited in reach, Toolbox isn’t able to support such reports due to intrinsic technical limitations.

The same is true while typing a custom SOQL query using such fields in the WHERE condition.
The error returned will be <Field Name> can not be filtered in a query call.

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