SalesWings is designed to run stand-alone thanks to its notification engine, as well as a complement to CRM.

1) Sync Lead / Contact Owners & Get direct link to Salesforce record

A Salesforce Administrator needs to first connect SalesWings to the API - once for the entire SalesWings account.

This will make sure that SalesWings looks up the Salesforce lead, contact or person account owners, and assign the leads in SalesWings to the right person - to notify the right person about interested lead activity. Furthermore, this will provide a direct link to the Salesforce record!

Please note:

  • This requires the Salesforce Enterprise plan with API access or any other Salesforce plan with API access.
  • A Salesforce Administrator with access to ALL leads, contacts and person accounts needs to connect to the API
  • Only 1 Salesforce Administrator has to do this, for the entire organization
  • SalesWings will only accept lead, contact or person account owners who have an active SalesWings licence with the same email address as the Salesforce user account. Otherwise SalesWings will ignore the Salesforce owner and leave the SalesWings lead assigned to the current owner.

>> If you're a Salesforce Administrator, go now to your settings to do so: Settings

2) Install Salesforce package, and add fields to the lead and contact layout

In order to get our latest Salesforce integration package we kindly invite you to visit this page or contact our support team:

Here's the complete Salesforce Setup Video Guide

You can find the latest Salesforce Package Version here:

Here's a list of all the Salesforce fields which are installed by our package:

> View Salesforce custom fields

Kindly send us an email here if you need help with the set up:

You can customize your Leads or Contact Layout by adding SalesWings related fileds at the place of your choice.

Since SalesWings for Salesforce version 1.30, you can add a VisualForce page to show your leads detailed interest and a related list containing the summary of all your record's website visits.

SalesWings lead Intent Visualforce page

First, create a new section and call it "SalesWings lead intent". Make it 1 column

In the Visualforce Pages, look for "SW Website Visit Summary" and drag it into the newly created section.

Change the Visualforce properties and set the Height to 500px and tick the "Show scrollbars" box

Website visits related list

Move to the related lists section of the layout builder and look for "SalesWings Page Visits"

Drag it into the Related Lists section in your Layout.
Hit the toolkit to edit the properties of the related list and show only the "Page" and "Page Visit Count" filds.
Sort By "Page Visit Count" in a descending order.

3) Assign the SalesWings licences to Salesforce users

Only Salesforce users with a valid SalesWings licence will be able to see Saleswings data inside the CRM.

  1. Ensure that the SalesWings user is using the same email address in SalesWings, as they use for their Salesforce user
  2. Assign the licences correctly to all users by following this video guide:

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