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SalesWings Studio - Things to know when migrating to a New Salesforce Org
SalesWings Studio - Things to know when migrating to a New Salesforce Org
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If there’s a need to migrate to a new Salesforce org these steps should be performed in order to provide the best continuity:

  1. Install SalesWings Studio in the new org but do not activate the sync.

  2. Migrate existing Account/Contact/Lead records to the new org. It is helpful, but not mandatory, to migrate the values of the SW custom fields present on the Account/Contact/Lead objects too.

  3. Once the migration is complete, turn the sync off on the old Salesforce org. In addition, deactivate all triggers under Main Preferences > Triggers section.

  4. Head to SalesWings cockpit and disconnect the old Salesforce org. Reauthenticate with credentials belonging to a user of the new Salesforce org

  5. Before turning the sync on in the new Salesforce org, make sure the preferences are set exactly as they were on the old Salesforce org (unless you want to make some changes). That included making sure that all the field mappings are set up (see Field Mappings section).

  6. In the new Salesforce org, turn the synchronization on. A full sync will be performed and, therefore, it will take longer to complete (all prospects get processed and all tags/scores/activities are recreated). After its complete all up-to-date SalesWings data will be present in the new Salesforce org.

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