SalesWings offers ready-to-go Google Tag Manager templates, which avoids the need to manually update our script when we have future updates.

Note: "Tag" is a technical term for "tracking script".

Here's how to deploy SalesWings

(1) Install Google Tag Manager on your website if not available yet, or verify with your website admin how to get access to Google Tag Manager

(2) Create a new "Tag" in your website's container, where you want to track your lead activity

(4) Go to your SalesWings account settings, and get the project ID. The project ID (pid) can be found within your tracking script, inside the quotation marks. It's a combination of letters, numbers and characters.

(5) Add the project ID into your Google Tag Manager tag and save

(6) Add the Google Tag Manager trigger "All pages" which will fire the SalesWings tag on your entire website. You can add custom settings, if wished, if you want to only fire it on specific pages or exclude certain pages. Best practice is to track the entire website.

(7) Submit your new SalesWings tracking script and tag to production, in order for it to be live on your website

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