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Password policies
Password policies
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As an administrator, you can set up password complexity rules for your team to ensure stronger passwords and comply with security regulations. The default rule for passwords is a minimum length of 12 characters. You can also require passwords to contain certain character sets.

  • lower-case

  • upper-case

  • numbers

  • special characters

Users are not forced to change their password if the policy changes, but the current policy applies to all new passwords.

Complimentary to this feature, two UI improvements are introduced to make it easier for users to enter passwords:

  • The policy is displayed under password input fields, and passwords are validated against the policy as users type them.

  • Password input fields can be toggled to reveal the password, meaning the input is shown as clear text instead of dots.


Edit password policy (by an administrator)

To make changes to the password policy, the user must be logged in to the SalesWings web application as an administrator. Please note that only administrators can view and modify the policy.

On the settings page, in the section Password Policy, the administrator can review the currently configured rules, and change them. There are 5 controls in total:

  • Please input a number for the minimum length required. The default value is set at 12, but you can increase it as per your needs. It is possible to reduce the minimum length to 8, which was allowed in previous versions of SalesWings. However, it cannot be set any lower than 8.

  • 4 checkboxes for different sets of characters that must be included in passwords. If the checkbox is ticked, that means passwords must contain at least one such character. Passwords without any of these characters will not be accepted by the system. An empty checkbox (the default) means that this rule is inactive.

Once the new policy has been set up, the administrator must click on the "Save Changes" button. After this, a green banner will appear on the top right corner of the screen to confirm that the changes have been saved.

Entering passwords (by all users)

Affected places:

  • Setting a password when a user signs up

  • Changing passwords

  • Resetting passwords

Password validation

When you enter passwords, the password policy rules will be shown below the input field(s). As you type your password, it will be compared to the rules and each rule will be colored red (if it's not fulfilled) or a checkmark (if it's validated). This helps you understand what the password requirements are and whether your chosen password meets the rules.

Reveal password

When entering a password, you may notice an icon that can reveal the password. This means that the input will be displayed as clear text instead of dots. If you click the icon again, the password will be hidden. This feature can be helpful when typing passwords that contain special characters, ensuring accuracy.

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