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How to create Sales Alerts using Salesforce Flow and SalesWings?
How to create Sales Alerts using Salesforce Flow and SalesWings?

In this article, we will describe step by step how you can send sales alerts on autopilot using Flows and SalesWings.

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Are you looking for a way to automatically notify your sales team when one of their lead is ready to talk/qualified? Follow this guide to learn how to use Flow in Salesforce to alert your reps in real time.

Use case: As a sales rep, I'm looking to get automated emails whenever one of my contacts reaches a threshold of a SalesWings total point lead score of 100 points. This way I can follow up with my contacts/leads in a timely manner and increase my closing rate.

As a marketer, I want to make sure that the sales team will receive the notification only once, as soon as the prospect reaches the qualification threshold.

This is what the overall flow is looking like. Let's take a look at how to set this up.

1) Create the email that the sales team will receive

In SalesForce, under Setup > Classic Email Templates, please create a new email and make sure to make it "Available for use".
You can tailor it to the needs of your sales rep but what we would advise is to add the direct URL of the contact. This makes the life of your sales rep easier instead of manually searching for them in Salesforce.

2) Create Email Alerts

In Salesforce, under Setup > Email Alerts, you can choose who will receive these emails.
Firstly, please select the right object (contact in our example) and select the right Email template (the one we have created in 1)).
In this example, the recipient type is the contact owner, as explained in our use case.

Under additional emails, you can add additional persons who will receive the emails.

3) Create a Salesforce field to specify the qualification threshold

In order to achieve this, please create a new field for the contact record. You should select the type Picklist (Multi-select). You may call this field "SW Threshold" and as a value add our threshold of 100.
Meaning that when the score of 100 points is surpassed, the value of the "SW Threshold" will be updated to 100 and the flow won't be triggered another time, i.e no second email sent for notification.

4) Create the Flow

Go to Setup > Flows > New Flow > Record Triggered Flow and add the conditions below

As described in the use case:

  • Object: Contact

  • Configure Trigger: A record is created or updated

  • Custom condition logic is met and the conditions being: SalesWings lead score >= 100 and the SW threshold (created in 3) does not equal 100.
    Please note that the possibilities are endless here, for example, you can add as a condition if the contact has a predictive score "hot", if he's based in the US, etc...

  • When to run the flow for updated records: Every time a record is updated and meets the condition requirements

  • Optimize the flow for actions and related records

5) Add an element "decision split" as described below

6) Add an element "Update record" as shown below

7) Add an element "send email alert" and select the one that we have created in 2) and as a Record ID add "{!$Record.Id}".

You're now set! Your sales rep will receive automated sales alerts when the condition are met. Let's close more deals!

Any questions? Don't hesitate to schedule a Training Call with us!

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