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📽️ SalesWings Salesforce Sales Cloud <> Tips & Best Practices
📽️ SalesWings Salesforce Sales Cloud <> Tips & Best Practices

Here are a few handy tips how you can use Saleswings in combination with Salesforce best!

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This video is Part 2 of our three step SalesWings for Salesforce integration video series. Share this video with your sales, marketing and project team, to share knowledge on all the possibilities you have!

Before configuring your layouts and views, this video helps you understand all the power that SalesWings can bring to your team:

  • See SalesWings in action!

  • Discover examples, ideas, inspiration

  • Understand the SalesWings power and data

Make sure that relevant people in your sales and marketing team watch this video as well. This way, they will be able to tell how they work in Salesforce today and what SalesWings data that they would like to use.

Get some popcorn and enjoy!

> To view part 1 (installation) and part 3 (configuration) of the videos, you can go to the general Salesforce CRM Integration guide.

> For questions and help, chat with us!

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