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Learn more about the SW Studio Settings page, designed to easily monitor the status of the app or adjust its behaviors.

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The SW Studio Settings page has been designed to offer a user-friendly experience when monitoring the status of the application or adjusting its options and behaviors. This page is available since SalesWings Studio versions 3.0+.

The page is organized in items accessible by means of the left menu.


This item allows the user to monitor the execution status of the last 25 syncs.

By selecting a job all the statistics concerning the execution will be showed. From here it is possible to examine whether all steps executed correctly or weren’t. Each step provides statistics as to how many records were examined, successfully modified, or failed to be updated (along with an error message).

Main Settings

This item contains the general settings of the package. Not all custom settings are exposed but only the most significant ones for the user are.

Field Mappings

This items provide the user with an easy-to-use interface to create score mappings for Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity objects. (learn more about multiple score field mapping here)

List View

Record View

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