You asked, we listened! Many SalesWings users are working in Salesforce orgs where Person Accounts are enabled. We are proud to announce that you the SalesWings Salesforce managed packaged now integrates fully with the person account record type.

1. What are Salesforce Person Accounts?

The official Salesforce definition for Person Accounts is: “Person Accounts store information about individual people by combining certain Account and Contact fields into a single record.”
In other words, it is the marriage between Accounts and Contacts to form a single location for an individual’s data while also being flexible enough to act like an Account when necessary. This record type is usually enabled for businesses operating a B2C model.

When a user tries to view a contact associated with a Person Account, the user will be redirected to the Person Account record. This means the user only needs to navigate to the Accounts tab to manage both Business Account records and Person Accounts.

2. How to install this person account managed package?

After installing our SalesWings Salesforce managed package, you will need to head to Setup -> Installed Packages -> Saleswings for Salesforce.
You now need to activate a permission so that our package works correctly with person accounts. Click on [Disable Restrictions] next to API Access.

It should then look like this:

3. How to set up layouts for Person Accounts?

In order to have your layouts configured showing SalesWings data in Person Accounts, please refer to the Leads/Contacts part of this guide.
For regular Business Account record type, please refer to the "Accounts" part of that same guide.
You'll find there the data needed to be add in your layouts but also in your related lists.

💡 Note: Once you convert a lead into a contact, the SalesWings data is instantly transferred. However, when converting a person account into an opportunity, you need to wait for the next full sync in order to have the data propagated.

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