Congratulations, your migration is almost complete. In order to finish the process, you will need to change a setting in Zapier to receive all incoming requests to SalesWings new server, Helium.

Steps to follow:

• Go to your Zapier account

• Choose a suitable Zap

• Changes that we need to make are connected to «Action»

• We recommend you to create new «Action» to prevent data disappearance. If you make your changes in existing Action, all your next steps like «Set up actions» will be lost.

• Click on plus sign

• Click on «Choose app & event»

• Click on SalesWings app

• A list of apps appear. Use the filter at the top and write «saleswings» to make your search easier.

• Choose «SalesWings Helium (1.0.4)»

• Click «Continue» button

• Click on «Choose an account»

• Click on «Connect a new account»

An additional window will be open. You must put an API token from your project in

SalesWings and then click «Yes, Continue».
If you don’t know where to find an API token, go to your SalesWings cockpit>settings>Zapier. The API Token is available at the bottom of this section.

• Chose the new account that appeared and click «Continue»

• Set up your action and click «Finish»

Congratulations, Zapier is now linked to our Helium environment. 🎉
Let your dedicated Customer Success Manager know that this step is complete to finalize the migration.

If you need any help send us an email on

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