How to map multiple scoring fields in Salesforce?

Learn how to set up and map fields in Salesforce to see multiple scoring in your records. Remember, SalesWings support is only a chat away!

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Depending on your business model, implementing a multiple-scoring method might make sense for you. Multiple lead scoring is a method where you have different scores for different offerings, personas, or markets. Although more complex to implement, multiple lead scoring will uncover powerful behavioral sales insights to your leads that will allow for a better and more relevant sales pitch.

Go to the SalesWings Studio App and head to the SW Studio Settings tab. Click on the Field Mappings section on the left side of the screen

Select the object where you would like the new score to be mapped.

Click on "New"

Select the score from the SalesWings cockpit that you would like to map to this object (in this example "New Score")

Select the target field for this new score (ie. where should the new score be mapped?)

Click on "Save"

Replicate the process for all scores and objects where the scores should be mapped.

Schedule a full sync so that new score(s) appear for all prospects. If not, only the prospects updated after the mapping will receive the scores in the fields defined.\

Voila, you are done! Congrats! πŸš€

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